Sunday, April 3, 2011

Taile instruction

1. If Bok is correct that "revolution must paradoxically partake of the very discursive strategies that it opposes in order to be revolution" and if we are creating a "report" on our accident which will function as a "parody," then it follows that we should quote the *official* discourse of a report on our accident (or one of the particular instances). For me, its the Martin County Coal Slurry spill report:

Like Kovitz, I propose that we have to juxtapose this discourse with the discourses we find in our CATTt--(particularly Baudrillard, Kovitz, Callois, etc.). I think that Bok and baudrillard need to "talk to one another" within our presentation (as Kovitz does with Fourier, and at one point, people are commenting on Robert Moses' statement about building things). This will (in the Russian Formalist sense) defamiliarize and re-contextualize the 'report' so that we can make it mean something else entirely.

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